Embarking on an Experience of a lifetime

With 12 hours before we hit the trail I scan the room I write this in, filled with our gear laid out from wall to wall for the next 9 days, 150 bliss balls have just been prepared for trail treats and Maia, Robby, Mark and I sip some kombucha to let the day settle in. Filled with excitement as we review our route one more time, an overview of the trail we will run, mapping out the campsites, easy turns to miss and other timely stops will be sure to keep us awake for a few more hours. This feeling at the start of an expedition is one that I have grown to love. Soon we will be cashing in the comfort of a firm bed, running water on demand and friends within close proximity to share beautiful food and engaging stories with for hours of trail running in the company of nature, logging endless hours of sunshine, sore muscles and sweaty gear that will be hung on branches around a campfire at night. Such a life that I chose to live - one that focuses on matters of the heart. I wanted to find a way to share the reality of a blessed life I have lived and where this choice came from to make the most of the moments I have left. By making contact with my feet on the Trans Canada Trail, I am choosing to show up, connect with others and bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis research and help fundraise to find a cure. Its never the heartache that defines us, but our ability to become resilient and rebuild and better tomorrow. My aim is to make this journey inclusive for others to engage with, share a km or two and feel your support is making a huge difference in the world - my life and the lives of others who are not offered the freedom of good health. Together we are building a brighter tomorrow and letting our hearts lead the way!

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Trans Canada Trail

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Photo credit Coburn Brown

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