My Story

Honours Degrees:
Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism,
Earth Sciences
Outdoor, Environmental, Experiential Education
Master Herbalist
Nutrition Consultant
Personal Fitness Trainer
Yoga Instructor
Many years ago I made a promise to my pint-sized hero, standing at 5'3" and tipping the scales at 78 pounds, she may not sound like your typical hero, however the microscopic villains she was fighting off, and the breaths she struggled to take offered her an advantage in life that many of us are not destined to experience. Being her side-kick, I was fortunate enough to learn from her in many ways and still today, after 18 years, find myself reflecting on the wisdom she provided. Such as providing loving kindness whenever possible, remembering there is always someone who is worse off that you so be grateful for all that you have, trust the uncertainty of life and make it a priority to embark on meaningful moments and spread a smile for we never know when will be our last. From her demonstration of a life beautifully lived, I've made it my mission to create a ripple of change and enhance the lives of others around me. To hone in on what matters most and celebrate the uncertainty that life presents, for we never know which breath will truly be our last. 


What I've learned is that I am passionate about experiencing life, supporting others and living closely to the natural environment. My curiosity led me to studies of health and the human body, natural world and environmental education. I've seen a need to be led back to the land and foster confidence in others to discover what lies underfoot. This way we can truly enjoy the experiences waiting out our own backdoor.

Being a part of the outdoor education community lead me to my tribe of change makers. As a wilderness guide, teacher and wellness coach, I have enhanced my confidence and found great joy in serving others around the world. Having exposed myself to the elements and challenged my mind and body, life has shown glimpses where the beauty of human potential lies. These experiences have paved my way through life and ingrained a belief that life is what you make of it. As Mary Oliver shared in her poem The Summer Day by asking a simple and profound question "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" I ask the same of you. . . 

Working with professional athletes, teachers, farmers and natural healers, I've seen how lifestyle leads to longevity and we choose how to relate with our world from plant to plate. Experiencing life in Honduran huts, Asian shelters, Australian rain forests, Irish ocean costal communities, Pacific North West fjords, Arctic snow shelters and the barren desert have allowed educated decisions to emerge that directly impact the health of our planet. These experiences taught me skills to live sustainability from the land and a desire to share what I've learned for the betterment of all.


Cultures around the world have maintained my curiosity and I've had the good fortune of helping in various environmental projects spanning 20 countries. Living with passion to create change reminds me that its the dreamers of the world that become the visionaries of the future. Designing nature based summer camps, DIY herbal remedy garden boxes in urban communities, bird houses for walking trails, herbal tea harvests and food foraging workshops, mindfulness and wellness workshops, tiny house building in the Canadian Rockies and the hills of Colombia with bamboo and hand tools. These are a few experiences that helped me develop my skills, add meaning to my days and support a global community of friends. 


It's with great pleasure that I invest in the health of our planet, bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis and link this country together, one step, stroke and rotation at a time. 

As a recipient of a healthy body, strong mind and bright spirit, I encourage you to tune into your surroundings and find the wonder waiting in this beautiful place we call home. 

Look forward to meeting you there.